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Buyers June 6, 2017

Have you jostled for the best position?

I had a cheeky flutter on the Grand National this year, I’m not a betting person but ‘Won For Arthur’ resonated with me. You see, Arthur was my late granddads name.

As I turned on the TV it amused me to see the jockeys and horses all jostling for the best position behind the starting line 

All the weeks of planning and preparation now all hinge nervously on the next 20 or so minutes. A good start, absolutely paramount. The race is on. And they’re off!

It made me think of viewers on “launch day” when a new property comes to the market.

The property market is fiercely contested at the moment. There’s a shortage of properties to offer and a plethora of buyers.

What have you done to make sure you’re in the best position to buy?

Have you researched mortgages – not only what you can afford but what you afford to repay, if there were to be even a small increase in interest rates? Have you even considered this? Do you know the costs involved in buying and saved the appropriate amount of money (deposit, stamp duty, valuation / survey fees etc)? Have you researched which solicitor you’d like to deal with? Who do you trust?

Those are the practical things but have you looked at property prices? Do you know what other homes have sold for and therefore what would be a sensible price to offer? Have you considered your strategy – yes, every buyer should have one!

In other words – have you jostled for the best position?

Exceptional estate agents will always want to work with motivated buyers, who’ve researched and understood their position and the market but we do have a duty of care to research your purchase and will need this information at offer stage. Very often in this market a delay of two or three days could be too late. Somebody in a better position will have gotten there first!

You need to ensure, in fact its paramount, that you have everything to hand so that the agent is promoting your offer to their client.

Feel free to drop in and discuss your property aspirations with me or why not drop me a line?

Together we can jostle for the best position whether you buy through me or another agent.    

Do you love Thetford as much as we do?

Have you jostled for the best position?

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