Sellers October 9, 2020

Carving into our fees throughout October

We are carving into our fees throughout October…


In celebration of Halloween, this autumn we are carving up our usual selling fee by reducing our commission to just 1% plus VAT.* This offer is available on all valuations booked by the 7th November 2020 and the property must be instructed for sale with Chilterns prior to the 30th November 2020.


During the first week of October, our Chilterns offices sale agreed properties in excess of £2,000,000. Due to the fantastic high volume of sales across Chilterns’ offices, we have waiting, ready and willing buyers desperate to view properties just like yours.


We want your property to be part of our success, but at this discounted fee- so we would love the opportunity of discussing all your property needs with you.


Our experienced property valuer would be delighted to carry out a free no obligation valuation for you. To arrange this please call, either Thetford on 01842 754161 or Brandon on 01842 813466 and quote “pumpkin 2020“ to qualify for this promotion.





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Carving into our fees throughout October

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