Chilterns' News July 15, 2021

Introducing 360 Virtual Tours

Introducing Virtual 360 Tours…


We have seen an increased demand for remote viewings and virtual tours from today’s digital living. To help increase what we can offer to potential purchasers, Chilterns, in partnership with Giraffe360 are able to provide high quality 360 tours of properties.

What we can all be certain about is that everything is moving online and so are potential property buyers. The appeal of property listings now rests on how they can be showcased and explored online. Virtual tours are a great way of elevating any property's online profile and giving potential buyers a thorough look through the window from the comfort of their sofa.


How can a virtual tour help sell a property?


·       Enables Viewing Remotely:

Offering remote viewing is becoming an essential line of service in today's increasingly digital world. Remote viewings ensure that prospective buyers can view the entire property, not just a selection of rooms and angles dictated by a photographer. It is vital that buyers get a sense that they can explore the full property with full control, much like they would in an in-person viewing. When remote viewing is combined with the thoroughness and quality of a virtual tour, customers feel confident to purchase listings without having to see the property in person.


·       Customers Have More Confidence:

With in-person viewings, there can be significant cost and time investment for prospective buyers. This can actually alter their impression of a new property. Prospective buyers may sometimes need to travel across the country, or even across borders to scope out the property to their satisfaction. With virtual tours, prospective buyers can view property around their schedules and don’t need to invest money into travel to view a property. Enabling the buyer to view a property in a thorough and controllable fashion, as well as from the comfort of their home, gives them the trust and confidence to purchase. Consumers, across all industries, place a high value on being in control of their purchase decisions.


·       Secondary Viewings:

A fantastic benefit of virtual tours. This allows the prospective buyer to view the detail and depth of any property through every stage of the purchasing journey. With housing, unlike most purchases, prospective buyers usually visit a property only once or maybe twice. But for many people, this isn’t enough to nudge them over the line to purchase. With virtual tours, buyers can revisit the property and every detail of every room, at any stage of the purchasing process.


·       Show the Family:

For a family unit, usually, one or two members of the family will come and view a property due to convenience and busy schedules. But for an individual to buy a property (which is usually a big life moment) they often need buy in or support from close loved ones, spouses or roommates. With virtual tours, the whole household can view a property at their convenience and play a part in the decision-making helping speed up any potential offers.



If you would like to further discuss how we can help sell your home then call either our Brandon office on 01842 813466; or our Thetford office on 01842 754161.

Introducing 360 Virtual Tours

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