Full Management Service

In addition to our lettings & rent collection service, we will carry out the following:

  • Registration of deposit as stakeholder with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme at no additional charge.
  • Arrange to meet and check in the new tenants at the property, carry out a detailed walk through and retain a signed copy of the Inventory & Schedule of Condition report.
  • Provide the tenant(s) with a Tenants Rental Information Folder to retain throughout the tenancy.
  • Carry out regular property inspections (approximately 3 times each year) to verify the general good order of the Premises and the proper conduct of the Tenancy by the Tenant(s).
  • For new tenancies, carry out an initial inspection after approximately one month from the commencement of the tenancy.
  • Tenants are able to report any repairs or maintenance issues 24/7 through chilterns/fixflo.com, our on line Tenant Repair Reporting system.
  • We will inform you of any repair or maintenance issues either reported by the tenant(s) or identified during an inspection and if required seek relevant quotations, liaise between parties, arrange and coordinate works.
  • To notify when lease renewals are due and advise on changes in market conditions, rent increases and amendments to tenancies.
  • To serve a notice for possession at the end of the tenancy if required and deal with all end of tenancy procedures.
  • To liaise with tenant(s) where they have chosen to end the tenancy and deal with all end of tenancy procedures.
  • To carry out a ‘pre check out’ inspection in advance of the final check out to advise and remind the outgoing tenant(s) of their obligations in respect of the cleaning and presentation of the property expected at the end of tenancy.
  • To carry out a detailed ‘final check out’ inspection at the end of the tenancy, identify and agree any dilapidations or other charges against the tenant(s) and where necessary make any relevant deductions from the deposit held. Liaise with contractors and arrange quotations where necessary.
  • To provide a ‘final check out’ report.

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